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Crown Battery batteries, because playing hard, or working hard requires a heavy-duty battery that can take it. Delivering power at your command... and performing longer, with better quality than most competitors. In today's competitive world no one can support deep cycle battery users better, and in turn, deliver the continued quality, heavy-duty construction and service that is the trademark of Crown Battery.


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The world’s leading Golf Car Manufacturers wouldn’t send their cars onto the course with a lesser battery. That’s why they only choose Crown. Powerful. Dependable. Low maintenance and maintenance free options. So why walk with the Amateurs when you can drive like a Pro? Crown Battery. The true power in golf.
Scissor lifts, aerial devices.

Crown Deep Cycle batteries are a necessity for applications which require deep discharges of the batteries. Crown uses high density oxide to create a firmer cohesion of the active material, which results in a longer battery life in spite of deep discharges!
Industrial cleaning machines.

Smart customers choose Crown because they know we offer a world-class array of batteries tailor-made to fit all their requirements. Plus, Crown’s quality is understood, with thicker plates that that make our batteries work and last longer. From small machines to highly complex industrial equipment, we understand all deep cycle applications. So, with Crown, you’re not only getting the world’s finest batteries, but experience that powers your every need.

This is where your solar and wind power investment pays off. In renewable energy storage systems that feature the reliability and longevity delivered by Crown Renewable Power Batteries.

The most complete, dedicated array of RE Batteries in comparison with other manufacturers.

Battery capacity ratings that range from 120 to 3690 ampere-hours (100 Hour Rate).

Recognition of Crown Renewable Power Batteries as "Best Available" and "Most Reliable" by serious RE system owners.


We out more in our Deep-Cycle batteries... so you can get more out of them... better performances, higher productivity and less maintenance.

1) Z3 Plate construction: The Z3 plate design combines four integrated features for superior performance and durability.
- The signature "Diamond Z" grid architecture
- An inset lug position
- Upgraded "Active Life Plus" paste material!
- Heavy-Duty - construction: more lead = more power!

2) Posi-Wrap Envelope Separators
Posi-Wrap separators reduce maintenance and prevent failure due to short circuiting and plate shredding, ensuring reliability and durability.

3) Rigid Connectors
Heavy Duty TTP, COS and Post connectors deliver maximum electrical efficiency and durability.

4) Pro-eye level indicator
A simple, safe and reliable system for inspecting electrolyte levels that signals when watering is required.

5) X-TEND Container Design
X-TEND provides more electrolyte above the battery plates so batteries can perform longer between watering intervals.

6) Good handles
Al our deep-cycles are equipped with handles or hoisting hooks which eases the lifting of the batteries

crown batteries

Highest quality batteries.

Crown battery

Crown Battery have devoted their entire engineering efforts to developing the highest quality batteries our customers have come to rely on… and many of our competitors have come to respect.

Several years ago we developed a modern, one-piece solidcast top lead design that provides a lower internal resistance allowing for superior charging acceptance, battery discharge performance and longer battery life.

Our in-line strap has a center-to-center dimension of 3.236” (82.19 mm) enabling a shorter current path than competitive products.

Life cycle.

Crown batteries life cycle

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*Graph according to BCI specifications.